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Our primary objective to deliver you not only instruments with best quality, but also being at your side all the time with best support!

Our philosophy is ensure the best and most perfect support quality through our and our distributor's best qualified sales-team and technicians by short response time and fast solutions of your inquiries for your statisfaction in using our systems for many years.


Our and our distributor's support-team assist you with:

  • IQ, OQ, PQ
  • preventative maintenance
  • consumables
  • spare parts
  • qualification tools
  • requalifications
  • repairs
  • and more...


Customers and Distributors will find more detailed and specific information in the Customer- or Distributor-Area. Please use your Login - if you don´t have it, please contact us.



RIGGTEK International Sales and Service Training for Representatives

Date: according demand, minimum one service and one sales Training

Location: RIGGTEK GmbH Munich

Topics (selected according demand) of our trainings are for example:

  • DissoPrep X8 and X15 Sales Training
  • DissoPrep X8 and X15 Pre-Maintenance
  • DissoPrep X8 and X15 Trouble-Shooting
  • DissoPrep X8 and X15 Validation IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Sampilio X8 Sales Training
  • Sampilio X8 Pre-Maintenance
  • Sampilio X8 Trouble-Shooting
  • Sampilio X8 Validation IQ/OQ/PQ
  • easyDISS Sales Training
  • easyDISS Pre-Maintenance
  • easyDISS Trouble-Shooting
  • easyDISS Validation IQ/OQ/PQ



If you further question please write us an Email or give us a call.




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