RIGGTEK DissoPrep X8 / X 15


Dissolution Media Preparation and Delivery Station


The DissoPrep - in the year 1998, it was an innovation. Today it is the market leader!

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The Dissolution Media Preparation Station DissoPrep X8 (until 08/2008 DosaPrep X8) is the Original among the Media Preparation Stations. The DissoPrep is established since the year 1998! Quality, that pays off for you!


As first Media Preparation Station the DissoPrep is mixing and dispensing gravimetrically, that means mixing and dispensing according the mass! This outstanding feature of our DissoPrep ensures a very precise mixing and dispensing! Due to the fact, that different media at different temperatures have different densities, the dispensing according the standard-volume (norm-volume) is gravimetrically more precise than a volumetric dispensing. Only the dispensing according the weight / mass results at any wished temerpature in the correct volume of your media! 

At the same time the media is withdrawn with high vacuum (typical < 100mbar) and dispensed by pressure, so that there is no need for a inaccurate fluidic pump. Additional, this guarantees always a very good degassing, a precise dispensing of also foaming media and a real reproducibility of the media preparation and delivery!.

This proven operating principle is available with an 8-liter tank (DissoPrep X8) or a 15-liter tank (DissoPrep X15), for dispensing media into the vessels of one or two Dissolution-Testers.


Continous development and restriction to the essential functions assures high accuracy in dispensing and mixing with proven reliability.


The most beautiful: The DissoPrep does the work of the Media Preparation and Delivery for you. In 15 minutes up to 8 liters of dissolution medium in its entirety and in accordance with the guidelines of the USP, EP, FDA and GLP/GMP are processed, degassed and dispensed precisely into the vessels.

The operation is done with few clear buttons at the panel of the DissoPrep or the Remote-Control-Nozzle (remote-control at the dispensing tube - optional). You will be supported with the method-, report- and user-administration by the DissoPrep-Browser-Interface, that allows you as standard an easy control with your (Internet-)Browser.



The DissoPrep-Browser-Interface integrates your DissoPrep fast and easily in your IT-infrastructure. Please find more information in attached pdf "DissoPrep Browser-Interface".


Get convinced from the advantages of the DissoPrep - read in our short Comic how the DissoPrep arised and how it already convinced many customers:



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