RIGGTEK Dissolution Test Systems



RIGGTEK support you for maximizing your efficiency in the Tablet Dissolution Test and offers you therefor innovative and most qualitative products beside its best service.



Especially the use of a correct media in respect of the rigth dosing, heating, mixing and degassing is a underestimated factor for increasing your efficiency, quality and reproducibility! Therefore the USP recommends:


"The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) recognizes that dissolved gases in a dissolution medium may affect the dissolution test results and recommends that the gases be removed before the test is performed (USP 23/NF 18; United States Pharmacopeia Convention: Rockville, MD, 1994; p. 1792)"


The second important factor for increasing your efficiency is the automated sampling. Our Autosampler Sampilio X8 has a delivery principle which is finally comparable to the manual sampling and it is very easy to use.